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His Affection is Bigger

Malachi makes Sedrick look like a beginner. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :D

I have such a weakness for Yandere characters. I can’t help it. The only thing that makes me fangirl harder are age-gap relationships XD (be they friendly like Marty & Doc, or romantic or friends, or family or yeah….)

Fangirling mood. I blame Tron Uprising for being AMAZING. It brings out my inner, squealing, fangirl.

Enjoy the strip.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Biggering” by The 88

(Like I said. Fangirling. The Once-ler had to get in there. XD)


Let’s see if I’ve understood this.

Vilhelm wants Malachi to leave him alone. He really really wants him to leave him alone.

So he makes him an artifact. So they can stay together forever…. O.o


I’m sure he has a lovely logical explanation for that decision – can’t wait to see what it is! You can see the relationship between Vilhelm and Wiglaf, they both have this streak of oblivious reasonableness…


Agh. X3 I love this so much~

I’m not going to be around until next Saturday so I hope everyone has a fun and very merry Chrismtas! =D


I’m loving this so much. I missed about 80 or so updates since I last checked and have spent all night catching up. Can’t wait for the next one, Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, and congratulations on surviving the Mayan Apocalypse!


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