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His Morals

No I did not forget to draw Mordred’s rings; he’s bowling people – he took them off. XD In fact, they’re on the table in panel 2! :D

And for some reason I really like all the panels on the left. They just seemed to have turned out better.

And the last panel took too long. XD Ah well, at least I finished a comic before 10PM for once. Yay!


Very well laid out! I love how it almost seems sinister and then you get the punchline. I guess that makes the joke funnier. But, I don’t know, I’m not good at analyzing that kind of thing.


It’s like they said on Angry Beavers when Norb and Dag went bowling and Norb sucked at it: it’s okay as long as you have fun stinking. Of course, when you’re being shown up by your Lackey…


Nice snapshots of the bowling alley. And of course, Wiglaf is on a perfect winning streak. XD

I like the religious references in Mordred’s speech. :D They make his speech very colorful. Mordred certainly has a lot of audacity pledging in God’s name to hate someone. I guess it shows that villains have moral codes too. XD

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to like Mordred’s habit of inspecting his nails. The gesture he uses when doing so sort of gives him the aura of an elegant Victorian gentleman. It’s pretty cool that way; he should continue with that trademark. ^_^

“Feel confident that I shall keep to my word.” Nice ending to the monologue!


Ah Mordred; I just can’t take him seriously. Great speech though, and very nice job on the different panels. It was worth all the work. XD


Hurrah for the triumphant return of the trademark punchline, entering with elaborate and elegant stylings that have, after all, not adapted or adulterated its basic sweetness. *Bliss.*

I see that you’ve equipped Mordred with a red ball, and (ostensibly) Wiglaf has the blue one. Is that an in-joke, or was that merely unconscious?

I love Wiglaf, by the way. Just so you know.


I don’t know what color Wiglaf’s ball is. XD It’s probably green. The blue ball up there is just a random shot in the bowling alley. :D

And I never would have guessed. Love Wiglaf? No. :P


That punchline at the end of the epic monologue was perfect and hilarious! XD I especially liked all the shots of the bowling alley, made Mordred’s speech even more epic sounding.^^


Hmm. I didn’t realize until this second look that Wiglaf’s and Mordred’s first initials are mirror opposites of each other. Kind of emblematic of their identities.


Dude. XD I did the same thing after I drew the letters for the scoreboard: “An M is an upsidedown W….*_* That’s so perfect.” Or something to that extent. XD


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