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His Pain Threshold Is Small

Up on time~ I’m on a roll.

And thanks to commenter Moon for reminding me I had continuity to uphold. XD Ha ha. Almost forgot about the pain thing. Good job.

That’s why I love fans. And comments. <3

Song Listening Recommendation:

Transfomers: The Movie (The 80′s one) Soundtrack. Love this thing.


What a dilemma for a cat. Admit to having an O-W-N-E-R or get to visit the pound (although, in the UK, cats don’t get picked up as strays unless they’re actually in distress since the little dears tend to go walkabout anyway).


This makes me wonder how long Herschell has to stay in feline form before he can become human again. Because if he can do it quickly, Diane’s probably going to be holding a lot more than she bargained for in a few seconds.


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