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Hissy Doesn’t Like You Either

Color later tonight (Wed. Night) because I’m a loser who couldn’t stop watching Transformers G1 Season 2.

Tracks & Raoul. Yes. Why was there only two episodes? *sob* Oh um, and Starscream is love. Just plain love.

Right. WAM. What you came here for. Um, return of Hissy! He makes everything better.

Ha ha…these things are starting to sound Deja-vu-ish. Ie.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Must Be Dreaming” by Frou Frou


Yay Hissy, and man have I been there with that season. Poor Wiglaf, Mordred does not make it easy to be his friend.


Mordred isn’t big on hospitality. He doesn’t give either Wiglaf or Lancelot much thought, even though he’s supposedly the host. XD

Hooray for Hissy! ^_^


man, for Mordred to be a good host, he’d have to give up the apathy that defines him and actually DO stuff. i suspect that actively hunting the sword (whose name i’ve forgotten and/or can’t spell) was something of a fluke.
oh, well. i still loves you, Mordred! and Wiglaf and Driver! XD


Somehow Wiglaf just looks really gay in that third panel. His whole stance just yells ‘pissed off boyfriend’ (although if I block out the rest of the panel and ignore the words it’s more ‘scolding the puppy for the peeing on the carpet’). And you know you’re doing something if you manage to look gayer than the man with the bubblegum hair. ;]


I found this comic a few days ago, and well, I really like it.
It’s weird and funny and sometimes adoringly cute and nice.
And I think it’s really cool that you’d to write some monologues in Swedish. Way go!


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