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Hissy Gets A New Friend

Hey! Good news! I got my stream to work tonight & it worked great! Even the lag wasn’t bad. Its’ been forever since that happened. :D

But yes, I do try and stream WaM now when I draw, and I announce my starts and stops on my Twitter. :D

Enjoy Security being cute. :D

Edit: Wish my luck tomorrow on Monday. I’m chilling and going to bed early (I hope). I’ll see you on Wednesday!

Edit 2 12/16: It’s Wednesday and I lost track of time. o-o;;; It’s ten o’clock and I haven’t started working yet. I’m trying to be in bed by 11:00 these days (trying…trying so hard and failing), so I don’t have time to draw anything decent. Ack. I will do better on Friday. I’m going to try and start drawing WaM earlier, but breaking habits is so hard. Wish me luck. *lies on side and tries to finish up stuff before going to sleep in an hour*


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