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Hit Her. Just Try It.

Sorry it’s a little late.

But it’s up.



This comic does NOTHING for my sense of gender recognition. XD


Does the fact that he’s been referred to as a ‘he’ and that his name is Malachi, a clearly masculine name help?


I used to think there were strictly masculine names, but I was told last week that three “Boy” names were now gender neutral. Logan, Elliott, and Evan can be little girls. I bet there’s a female Malachi out there.

But I believe this one is male from the comments by Willy and Lenart.


It was more of a general comment than Malachi in particular. You have to admit, there’s a lot of ‘Aerosmith’ guys in this comic.


xD Don’t worry, a lot of us thought Malachi was a girl when he was first introduced (myself included).
Word of god says Malachi is male.


Doesn’t seem all that powerful to me.
Sure, invulnerability is nifty and all, but it’s time-limited and it doesn’t appear to give any additional powers.

Meaning someone with powers that make them stronger can simply take the broach and toss it somewhere that the owner can’t get to it.

And simply wait until the invulnerability wears off….and then it’s killing time.


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