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Hit Where It Hurts

You know the drill. (If you’re new–ink and color will appear later.  I’m a bit behind.)


Edit: Hey look! It’s up. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Rose” by Bette Middler


Uh Oh.. I really hope Arthur Sr told them where the exit was. Or Bliss better be around, because teleportation + Pissed off Boss + he’s possibly some sort of sorcerer too = Not that good of a situation…


Agreed. Our group of her-I mean fri-oh whatever the hell they are, are gonna be in big trouble if they can’t figure out how to escape. And where the hell is Bliss?


Bah you two underestimate Wiglaff. need i remind you about the bucket of water and the inferno?


Yes, yes, I remember that moment.. but his father wasn’t personally involved (in the same room) at the time, and we’ve seen poor Wiglaf have a breakdown before…the hair incident.. the recessive gene incident …

Hmmm.. do breakdowns come in threes? Or am I missing a moment?


Somehow I doubt Wiglaf is much in the saving mood. He did just get traumatized by his father after all. He didn’t even really try to stop Driver before, remember?


…You are really good with expressions, Liliy. XD

And the shift in focus in the last three panels… can’t wait to see what happens next.


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