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Hitting It Won’t Work

While you wait for color later in the evening:

It is very cool that WAM got updated on 9-9-09 :D

1) KGJ (Who brought you the Sedrick figure) has finished her Wiglaf Boots. *insert squeal*

2) Parallel Dementia 551 rules. Period.

3) WAM has made an appearance on Youtube. See a drawing of Horatio start to finish in Part 1 & Part 2 accompanied by Liliy rambling – and then you can tell me what you think in the forum.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Not Meant To Be” by Theory of a Deadman


“No rush”? *Chuckles.* Azrael definitely has it in for Gawain. But Security says his punchline like he knows something we don’t. Could it be that he can extend his popping-in ability to other people to force them to be in particular places?

It occurs to me– whether or not Horatio gets his boss back, he’ll likely go ga-ga over Safir. He’ll have a Boss Jr. who dislikes Mordred as much as he, himself does, and who has all of the charm PLUS malleability.


Sidenote: Are you sure, Liliy? From #5 out, this has all been purely digital? I could have sworn you still did some isolated paper sketches. Wow.

Good videos. Sorry to hear you ended up feeling like you were talking to yourself.


Security’s special abilities does indeed allow for the movement of other people and things (as the smoothies showed) however, most people really really do not like the sensations involved in his mode of travel. :sly:


Hitting works really well for old-fashioned tube screens.

@Liliy, topic 2: Yep ^_^ Tiva’s a BAMF.


Yes, yes it does. I had an old TV that proved it. It’d flicker, I’d whack it, it’d behave. Good old days~


Heh heh. Hagen certainly reacted with great horror to hearing Galen’s name. I also like how furious Hnaef is when people don’t follow his instructions. Now he will need to hire Security to keep the troops in line. XD

Hooray for completing the Wiglaf boots, KGJ! They look very neat.


Unfortunately, Parallel Dementia is no longer running. It was a great comic, while it lasted.

(So what, I have to use “em” from now on? Since when? ComicPress works fine with “i”.)


‘em’ has replaced ‘i’ – it’s a dying tag, so it’s probably best to start adjusting on over. :)


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