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Holding Onto That Grudge

Yes, Driver is still very upset about that. She got shoved out of Mordred’s limelight. Of course she is! XD

Hmm. I’m slowly running out of things to talk about here. Uh…still obsessed with Robin? That’s something…

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Mine, Mine, Mine” from Pocahontas (Radcliffe!)


Ben’s trying to go cold turkey:) He tried to give the sword away. Why do I have a feeling that Camlann will escape or cause more destruction?


Poor Driver is still being sidelined in Mordred’s universe. Her sarcasm here fits very well with her attitude about the whole thing. She may soon be forced to do ever more outlandish things just to get Mordred’s attention, like driving him around in a motorized hot air balloon instead of a car. XD


“What addiction?” :lol: I love them both so much. I especially love the looks of absolute cluelessness :lol2:


“What? No, I’ve always wanted to kill as many things as possible since I was little. :sly: ”

“Turning pavement into snakes gives my sword a high. I’m not the one the one who’s addicted! Although it is nice to feel power once in a while…. :/ ”

I doubt Mordred will be addicted to Bliss. The giggling would get on his nerves to much.


That and the as yet unanswered question from Bliss “Am I cracked anywhere else?”

Also will ├ęclat take the opportunity to “Solidify” the relationship between Bliss and Mordred? :ohhyeahh:


Am I the only one that noticed the randomly appearing/disappearing tear in Wiglaf’s shirt? Ther was one here- and then, it vanished till this page.


it didn’t vanish! it just moved about wiglaf.

He has a special relationship with tears and clothing like all super heroes.


Makes me thing of the dissapearing/reappearing rip in Prodius’s shirt from Sinbad at the begging when they are fighting on his ship XD


Right now, I have nothing I want to say about the comic. I would however like to add lyrics, since I love that song.

‘Make the mounds big, boys
I’d help you to dig, boys
But I’ve got this crick in me spine!’
‘My rivals back home, it’s not that I’m bitter
But think how they’ll squirm when they see how I glitter
The ladies of court will be all atwitter
The king will reward me
He’ll knight me-NO! Lord me!’

Just some of my favorite parts from the song.


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