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Home Sweet Home

Random Factoids:

  • Geoffry Buckley is age 40
  • His son Safir Garrott is 8.
  • He’s been held hostage by the Garrott family for ten years.
  • Janus forced Geoffry to marry her one year after he was taken hostage.
  • Geoffry’s ransom for safe return has yet to be paid. <3

And now you know a little bit more about Janus and her family. Ha ha. I’d been debating for a long time which of the Garrott twins was going to have a kid. For a while, I was considering Arthur, but decided against it. So, Janus it was! Which worked out well, I think. Safir is far too cute for his own good! :D


Finally: Geoffry *_* Poor man, he’s an hostage! *and he’s got manacles!*
Thank you for the update and for this comic :*D


*Laughing@text spilling over page edges.* And see? See? I TOLD people out-of-frame information was important! Hah! Beautiful, Liliy!

“Only when playing with Grandpa.” XD

*Peers@Geoffry.* That man may be on his way to becoming LiZn’s favorite character.


lol, nice work again. Gasp, he’s a slave! And here I was think Janus actually met this guy and had a real relaionship with him*snickers at sarcasim*


Hee hee! Janus runs a tight ship, doesn’t she? Geoffrey must have iron patience to remain so calm in his enslaved state. Poor fellow. They’ve got a cute kid, too.


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