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How Did We Get Here?


Uh. Coloring is intentional. It seems like everyone (that I know) is having a lousy day.

Wiglaf Sad Face

So yeah. Coloring reflects that…or something? I don’t know. It’s just been one of those days. Anyway.

Wiglaf and Mordred need to knock it off. They’re not allowed to be that bro-tastic. I think…or is that why you guys read this comic in the first place?

Rambling is rambling.


“Every night in my dreams~”

You know the song.


I’m sorry about everyone’s lousy days. :\ Nice dramatic lighting, though! And nice work, Driver, getting at least two good blows in unarmed against an opponent with a sword…


Jeeze, here too. What is UP with today?

Oow, poor Driver! That cut has to hurt. Though, very good job as eren said. Woo!


I’m surprised Miglaf or Mordred didn’t tell them to get out of their apartment. Cause yah, also I think Wiglaf should definatly invest in that deadbolt that Mordred suggested earlyier in the comic.


Sad people are sad …. in other news …
The facial expressions exchanged between driver and guinevere are something else.
Guinevere goes from ooff to grrr to ahha-gotcha to oh-you-have-got-to-be-kidding.
Driver in contrast goes from righteous-he’s-mine to put-em-up-puut-em-uuuup to youch-yikes to a final I-liked-that-jacket-since-he-gave-it-to-me.
I am speculating the followup by driver could be a You-wish-you-were-so-dead-now as she sheaths Guinevere’s sword in a most unladylike way.
Then again that last bit could just be me but it would be funny even if done off-camera. XD


I like the coloring choice, but the top pink panel is kind of hard to read. I don’t know if it’s the color choice or where you decided to put the lighter pink (I’m thinking more the latter.)

I would totally get Mordred being a little clingy right now–i imagine it would kind of wear off later.


Well! I did get to break some knee caps and that made everything allllllllllllllllllllllll better!


Did anyone notice how cute this is? Mordred is actually fussing over the fact that Wiglaf is hurt! I think it’s so… weird (Cute.) Oh, and if everyone is having a bad day, just remember: I love you, and Security is watching over you. Or just watching. XD


Sad Wiglaf is sad. And for some reason possibly related to me being a deranged sociopath, it makes me happy.


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