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I Bet It Echoes

If copy/paste didn’t exist, neither would WAM.

But on the plus side, I think I do a decent job of making copy/paste entertaining. Or if I don’t… D:

On a random note: I love South Park. And watching Wendy beat up Cartman will never get old. Never.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Dry County” by Bon Jovi


Very nice. It’s too bad those chairs are so mediocre. :P

Seriously though, I love those chairs; I don’t care how crappy you think they are. And Wiglaf’s expression is distractingly stupid. XD


So… I’m a tad confused. Wiglaf IS sitting by Mordred, right? It almost looks like he is in a different part of the room…


Nice coloring on the theater chairs. I like the impressions of shadow on the red. ^_^ And that’s a good question: Are the Garrotts motivated more by money concerns or by fear of being surprise-attacked by rival villains?


I don’t think they’re ever really afraid of losing their money. People are scared of them, too. I pity the poor sap that tries to surprise attack any of the Garrotts… :shocked:


i thought it was more everyone else is afraid of them. I pity whoever gets between Arthur and Mordred when this thing is over.


I see what you meant about Driver, now….. :lol2:

Wiglaf and Mordred are definitely much more feminine in appearance (and I’m not even going to comment on how clutchy Wiglaf has been towards Mordred in some of the past episodes). ;)

Yeah, I “leaked” out of the Frumph site to continue the effeminacy thread….. :P


‘sall right with me if it leaks out. XD I love participation.

But yeah. I gotta’ work on at least Wiglaf’s manliness. Mordred was always supposed to be more effeminate. :D


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