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I Don’t Know How Either

No, don’t bother asking about it. You know what you want to ask- look at the title of the strip.

Arthur and Sedrick seem to be taking over. But don’t worry, we will be finding out what happened to Brat, Wiglaf and Mordred very soon – in fact, you’ll know on Sunday! So look for it! :D

I hope you all enjoyed this first Friday post!


Security! ^_^
Poor Sedrick. Obviously, he needs to take on some better security of his own. Can’t have random people wandering the compound, can we?

Janus. Beauty contest. Dragon-valley takeover fight? *Paradigm shift.* You’re teaching us new things about these characters all the time, Liliy!


The phone! It’s right up there with the roses, and you know how I feel about the roses. XD

You already know how much I love Security. Eventually his nefarious plans will be revealed and we’ll know why he keeps randomly appearing places. He’s out to take over the world, isn’t he? Isn’t he?!

I like villains who work on a schedule.
9:00-Inspect the troops
10:00-Destroy all hope


So… why is Security there? XD

Seriously though, I’m glad to see him. ^_^ Does he have some kind of evil master plan he’s orchestrating or something? He seems to be everywhere; maybe he’s just clueless and likes to wander?

And Arthur’s last line is priceless. XD


No matter how much the world may change, no matter where the people may go….Security will always be around. ROFL!!

So, Arthur’s planning to conquer a dragon valley, is he? Does he want to build his own army of dragons? How does he intend to keep all those fierce dragons in check? I’m guessing Janus is going to be pondering how to top Arthur on this.

All the characters are showing fantastic facial expressions. And I’d really like to see Arthur initiate one of his master plans of conquest.


Even previous comics have told us that he already has dragons at his disposal XD (remember: he used them to attack a kid who pushed Mordred when he was little)


I get it! It’s a…twisted period drama…that’s constantly breaking the 4th wall…….and Security is the stage security….

…”come take me far away” bababababababababababa…

No…seriously, what’s with Security? He’s Kuroneko! :P

And Janus….for some reason, I hear Haruhi Suzimiya’s voice on the other end of that phone. ^_^;;;


Poor Sedrick having to baby-sit Arthur and be the bearer of bad news to ‘im. Then WHAM! he thinks e’s delusional


No idea if you read old comic pages comments anymore, but I love this comic. Security makes me giggle waaaaay too much. Just had to say, I’ve laughed aloud twice at this comic, and it’s been way too long since that happened… :love: Love itttt!


Love the phone!

hmm. Security is one for the more complex humming tunes. Love the layers all these characters have! ^.^


:happy: I just realized. I tried humming Security’s tune in the first panel and ended up with the fact that if you disregard the notes and just go with the rhythm, the theme song for Lord of the Rings. XD


Actually, the song security is humming is much more likely the theme from Beethoven’s fifth Symphony. It’s the right rhythm, anyway.


I finally understood why the whole winning the beauty contest thing might be important to Arthur. After reading the whole comic…twice


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