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I Don’t Think That’s How Swords Work…

Ha ha. Hurrah! I finally decided on a new font for Camlann that’s legible. I rather like it myself. So hopefully it continues to work.

Hmm. What else? Not sure. I’m still on a Batman high if anyone cares. I STILL LOVE YOU JONATHAN CRANE!!! *giggles like an idiot*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“No You Girls” by Franz Ferdinand


XD Whoa, Camlann is letting loose another massive tirade. And we all know by now that he has a lot of bones to pick with just about everyone. XD Happily for Mordred, he isn’t in front of Camlann right now, so he’s not the target of Camlann’s pestering at the moment.

This is why Security likes working for Mordred–there’s so much opportunity to participate in Mordred’s mischief-making. ^_^


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