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I Like The Braids…

I really do. I drew them oh so long ago and have been wanting them back every since.

Today’s comic is dedicated to Murphy’s Law. Thank-you.

Edit: Fixed a typo and added in the highlights to Wiglaf’s shirt. KGJ’s comment was so insightful though I almost didn’t have the heart to tell you all I just forgot to add them. However, OCD won out and I fixed it

Corrected Swedish translation by Nirlem/Johnny Johansson. Thank-you!


Well, that explains that. >_< I wonder if Brat frequents 4chan or 7chan… wait! No, because then it would have been “bai bai.”

Mordred? Trying to be imperious? XD Great punchline. “…but it doesn’t matter.”

I second that emotion. They look good on Wiglaf, and they’d actually have a protective function if someone tried to put a blade to his neck. Also, neat work reflecting some of Wiglaf’s emotions using the glimmer on his chainmaille– it really does communicate his displeasure/apprehension quite well, like he shifted posture in reaction/preparation.


Ha ha ha. XD Yay Murphy’s Law.

I’m curious as to what Mordred things demanding the sword—which is really Wiglaf’s anyway—will accomplish? It’s not like he could actually do anything if Wiglaf refused to hand it over. ^_^;


Haha! Brat is hilarious. She’s absolutely ecstatic to be able to hurl insults again. XD Well, at least she was compassionate enough not to kick Wiglaf when he was still feeling down.

Mordred is hardly in a position to make demands. Wiglaf was the one who obtained the sword, and Mordred could only claim some kind of ownership of the sword as long as Wiglaf was his servant. Now that Mordred’s alienated Wiglaf out of his service, the sword belongs to Wiglaf automatically. Poetic justice, eh?


‘Må jävulen ta dig’
Translates Directly to: ‘May the Devil take you’
for a more Accurate translation i would say: ‘May the devil take your soul’

Interesting comic. Like it.

Ps: My english isn’t the best.


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