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I Think Mordred’s Feelings Are Actually Hurt

*yawn* I need to figure out a new update system. WAM is starting to seriously interfere with my sleep schedule.

Today’s WAM though is brought to you by my new desk chair. After two years in my new house I finally bought a chair to replace my card table fold-up. Hurrah! *snuggles into leather seat*

Thank-you God for my day-job that allowed me to afford it. (And thanks for the sale that made it worth it. Yay!)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Playing With The Big Boys” from Prince of Egypt


I love how grumpy Mordred looks and how unamused he is by Brat’s advance. XD

I like how you drew Wiglaf with a lot of sheepish smiles. ^_^ So now we know that his job is to fake a prepared performance just to give Boudica good PR. Before long, Wiglaf will find himself to be the go-to guy for every celebrity-endorsement commericial in prime time. ^_^

Ha ha! Once again, Security is infatuated with the nearest woman. I like how you keep drawing the romance heart near him. XD Security is one dude who really loves his work. :happy:


Ha ha, I love Wiglaf’s expressions. XD Margaret is awesome.

And that last panel = epic win. XD

Almost forgot: congratulations on the chair!


lol…i think Mordred’s just upset that he didn’t know what was going on before Wiglaf did (of course, they found out at the same time, but hey). Evil masterminds -hate- being left out of the loop.
Security loves his job. Whatever that job entails. Which seems to be whatever he chooses it to be. I’d like to know who’s paying him. Or does he just bill for services rendered?


Don’t worry, Wiglaf. You’ll do perfectly. Like always.

Congratulations on your new desk chair (well earned), and finding that sale!


This whole concert would be thoroughly enjoyable to actually watch/participate in. “I’ve never played piano before.” GREAT way to start out, Wiglaf. Genius.


Aww, poor Mordred, I think he actually misses Wiglaf already. :happy:

And Margaret was right, they couldn’t ask him before hand, he might have said no. :D

And still loving Security, glad to have him back. :D


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