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I Think She Likes It

The pink is hanging around. :D

Driver’s so cute. And so very fired. (Not really but you know…she would be.)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Lord Have Mercy” by Michael W. Smith


Awesome sauce. -promptly joins Driver on the floor in death throes, accompanied with hysterical laughter-

I just can’t stop laughing, ah-hah-hah-hah-hah-haaah…. :lol2:


LOL! Just had to comment on this one because it made me laugh so much!! I adore Driver’s three panel expressions!! X3 She’s so cute!!!! ANd yes… totally fired! LOL! <3


Sad thing is, I’ve seen Liliy do this herself… you should’ve seen her the first time she was watching Fullmetal Alchemist and Roy Mustang did his “Dogs? I LOVE DOGS!” rant. By the time she was done laughing, she was curled up in a little ball and had rolled herself under the coffee table.

*flees before the author kills him*


You’re not supposed to tell people that!

Even if I did literally stop breathing for a few seconds. XD


XD Love Driver in this, especially in panel 6. And kudos on all the sound effects for the uncontrollable laughter.


Am I the only one who thinks Wiglaf is DAMN HOT with the shorter haircut? Not that he wasnt before, with the long hair. But damn. That haircut is GLORIOUS on him.


“Am I the only one who thinks Wiglaf is DAMN HOT with the shorter haircut?”


And Mordred looks “DAMN HOT” in pink too…


It’s kinda hard not to Liliy, and it’s AWESOME! 8D
Wiglaf + short hair = <3

Anyways, AWESOME strip


Okay, this may sound weird (coming from a guy) but Mordred looks so bloody hot in panel 3! The way he has his head tilted, and shoulders up just a little, and his hair perfect length and the expression on his face! That’s it! Now I MUST have a character with pink hair like that now! :lol2: :D


Yep, she hasn’t said a work. Not to mean she hasn’t made a sound, maybe next time he should use that.

Don’t make a sound!!!


It is a physical impossibility for me to look at the third panel and not grin psychotically.

My face hurts from laughing at this comic. D:


Ya know, Mordred’s pink hair didn’t strike me as being that funny until panel five. Driver trying to hold back that gorgeous peal of raucous laughter made me laugh so hard I think I broke a rib! And I definately like Wiglaf with shorter hair. If you’re trying to increase his manliness quotient, it’s a good start. Of course, the pink just makes Mordred look more feminine. Yay for hair! Especially Driver’s!!! lol


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