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I Think They Missed The Point

I had way too much fun with today’s strip.

Sadly though, this arc makes me want to go bowling…I haven’t been in ages. XD Considering both my Dad and Aunt used to be in bowling leagues you’d think we’d go more often. Ha ha.

And if you’re curious I’ve been waiting to do that joke about Driver’s Date for like two months

Reader activity time! Name your favorite part of the strip and why! :D

Edit: My Dad, Aunt AND Uncle were all in bowling leagues. My bad. I forgot my Uncle bowled too…which is odd b/c I’ve played with him before and he wiped the alley with me. :D Thanks for reminding me Daddy!


Sorry, Liliy. While I love the drawings, laughed my way through Wiglaf’s list of heroic exploits, and enjoyed the foul end to Driver’s date immensely, my favorite part of this strip has to be how perfect the title is for the whole thing.

…though, the way you thought of so many things to go wrong in a bowling alley runs a very, very close second!

And the “WAM” sound effect in the fifth panel comes in third. Hurrah for self-promotion! It’s internal propaganda.

(By the way, you keep getting better and better with natural-looking pose-shifts. It’s great! Kudos to you!)


Yes; Yay for an acronym that doubles as an onomatopoeia. Mwa ha ha ha.

And as far as natural looking pose shifts go, it might help that I actually redrew all the panels this time around. No copy paste of outlines…just sketches. Ha ha.


Not only was your Aunt and your Uncle in leagues they also bowled on HS state championship final teams. Can’t remember if either won or just came in second but they were in the final matches.

Favorite part of strip. The giant drawing of all the family and hanger-ons in one scene at the Piano recital.


Driver’s date, absolutely. :D Poor Driver, I feel bad for her. I love her funny pronunciation of “idiot” when she is enraged. She sure delivered swift retribution to that guy. It just doesn’t get much better than that. XD

Also enjoyed the list of Wiglaf’s hilarious feats of heroism. ^_^


Driver’s date of course. I’ve been waiting to see it, and I love the transition from sudden confusion to blind rage. XD

Nice job with the bowling alley stuff, too. Some good random ones thrown in there. XD


Man, I ship Wiglaf and Mordred, terribly hard. So needless to say, the last bit with them made me glee. <3 And Driver’s date made me laugh. x3


I like Mordred’s ‘Hrrmmf’ when Wiglaf covers his mouth. I don’t know why but I just do.


my favorite?…third panel hands down! like several other commentors i do the whole Mordred x Wiglaf shipping thing…*bangs head on desk* and it won’t get outta my head!…well not really a bad thing but still…! (=^.^=)


The third panel, because that’s when I finally realized Wiglaf’s hair was back. (Yes, I can be terribly oblivious.)


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