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I Thought It Was Camping?

Sorry it’s so late guys! XD;;

I’ve been very scatter brained lately. *sigh*

But! Where I’m dropping the ball, some other folks are picking it up and running toward a goal line. >.>

Tamuran‘s powering through and already into Chapter 11! And True Magic has decided to go full-time! I love seeing two of my fav Fantasy comics doing well. <3 So go check them out!

Also, I’ve got my first Pair-a-Thon entry! I think this year I’m going to post them all at once. And since it’s taking so long to get the “Official” rules up, I think I’m going to extend the due date to the 10th or 11th. Less time for voting, but more time to get stuff in if you need it.  (Because ultimately, I want to post the winners on Valentines! :3)

Thanks for reading, guys. <3




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