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If They Only Knew…

…what was going on in that last panel.

Ha ha, but seriously. I was so distracted by drawing that last panel I ended up neglecting word bubble placement…but I have work and need sleep…so, slightly smaller text today. :D

I need to get myself a Security Guard. He does nails, he gives massages, waits on you at dinner…he’s just so handy to have around. And good thing, because clearly Mordred loves to be pampered.


It’s very ironic that so many people–Wiglaf, Driver, Brat, Security, etc.–want to be either Mordred’s friend or lover, but Mordred doesn’t really like anybody. XD

For someone who hates friendships so much, Mordred sure attracts a lot of companions. I wonder how he does it? ^_^


“Last panel = epiclly random! XD”

That has to be the winning description for the day. *laughs* So great.

And for the record, Security is holding a towel…a fluffy one.


Hi Liliy, did you know that the story characters are real? Only a few people know this. I first learned this when Dreamwalker accidentally walked in on me and my girlfriend kissing.


I was so positive Wiglaf had the hots hor Mordred, but his ‘WFT’ reaction to ‘how was your date?” was…odd. Or maybe it was a ‘my secret! Noo!’ reaction….


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