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If You Were Wondering…

…what everyone else was doing.

Ha ha; I figured we’d go see what the rest of our folks in the woods were up to today. Couldn’t leave my favorite bunch out now can I? How could I resist sneaking Sedrick in there?


I love that Arthur is crying like a sissy. I do hope we get to see some of the fight in the next comic. ^_^

And just what is Arthur to Sedrick? I’m getting Wiglaf/Mordred vibes in that last panel. XD


*Can’t breathe.* *Laughing too hard at Brat’s punchline.*

A sister-supervillain. Yeah, that’s just what Wiglaf needs in the future.

Now here’s the question: does Janus really want Mordred for something, or does she just want him because Arthur wants him? “You underestimated the ability of the Garrott twins to get distracted by Mordred.” Well, I guess that explains a few things.

Dang. Will Wiglaf wait for a command from Mordred to dispose of the fighting Garrotts, or will he have to distract Mordred in order to take care of the problem?

Nice work setting up character conflict and storyline in this one, Liliy. And I like the parallel between Wiglaf’s side-monologues and Brat’s running commentaries.


Yep, Sedrick’s comments are a little “slash-y.”

What I found funnier than Brat’s punchline—and the fact that violence obviously appeals to her, not that we couldn’t have guessed that based on the way she treats her brother—was what her running commentary revealed: Janus, the strong and scary one, pulls hair. Sure, sure, that’s all it took to make Arthur cry, but then he jumps right back in it and knees her in the chest. He’s clearly more willing to do real damage. I pictured it the other way around. Then again, she DID enter a beauty contest…

And I’m all caught up now.


Poor Driver – her plan backfired. I guess that teaches us that the Garrotts are such strange people that it’s hard to goad them into doing something that you would normally expect them to do under the right circumstances.

Brat’s commetaries are very funny. I guess Wiglaf is gonna have to break up Arthur and Janus before they put each other in the hospital. The main question: When will he take the opportunity to get Mordred safely out of the woods and away from this dysfunctional family melodrama?


These siblings are insane. I never thought I’d consider Mordred to be a mentally stable figure…but there it is. At this point, I’m waiting to see if Wiglaf will step in for Mordred or Brat first. (assuming the twins turn their attention to Brat, the original point of this arc.)

…Driver x Sedrick? …..nah….


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