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I’ll Take Some of That Beefcake

Today’s strip is so random. I…I’m not sure where this came from but there it is. There it is.

I have nothing else to input. XD I’m still wondering if I owe anyone an apology.

And the suburb family cannibals can be left up to your imagination because I promised not to introduce any new characters. *inserts maniacal laughter*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Jumpin’ Jumpin’” by Destiny’s Child


Suburban cannibals, banter… I think that title, though, just about killed me. XD

And you know that family will show up again. You know it.


First Wiglaf plays the role of St. Francis of Assisi. Now he needs to take on the role of Indiana Jones. XD


…this is hardly random by your standards Liliy. :) I’m usually surprised you can keep the comic relatively sane. ;)

We need more characters! Suburban Cannibals & the inept FBI agent who’s trying to catch them!


This comic is SANE? :raisebrow: On which planet? :lol2:


Lol, I really like today’s strip XD. I liked the last plot arc a lot, but I must say it’s good to be getting some awesome Wiglaf and Mordred randomness again :D


*starts singing “Savages” from Disney’s original fairy-tale known as Pocahontas*

With the black and pink, he looks a lot less like Arthur and Janus. Not to mention it gives him a sort of elegant yet punk gothic vibe. :D


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