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In Fiction, Anyway

Heh; I’m sure Azrael has the same problem on his off days.

And don’t look at me like that. Mordred’s been reading romance novels the whole time. XD *points to past books*

Random: I got a new bracelet. :D

Oh; and I know it’s early – but in just a few short months the pair-a-thon will be upon us again. Hurrah. Anyway, the topic came up during the Ustream chat and it was mentioned it’s scary the author ships just as badly as the rest and someone said it’s because I had such a huge cast.

And then Aatar comes up with this genius:

“Most other webcomics have a couple of ships. W&M has an armarda.”
-Aatar, WaM Ustream

Made me laugh. If only because it’s so true.
Look forward for that. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:
“Come Thou Found of Every Blessing ” – Hymn by Robert Robinson


AWWWWW! Mordred reads romance novels! well i was curious as to what he read…now i’m kinda curioius as to why Wiglaf never said anything or questioned Mordred’s taste in books…eh well que sera sera i suppose…(=^.^=) and i love the keys in the background! green and purple for the win! two of the best colors out there! man i’m rabling huh? i guess that’s what i get for waiting up for your comic and not sleeping for two days to amuse my friends…question…what’s that on Mordred’s shirt? (=~.~=) ok i’ll shut up for now cause i know i must sound like a flippin’ retard by now and i never actually look at my comments until they’re posted….yeah….going to bed now….maybe…*passes out*


XD A villain that read romance novels(I wondered what those books were that we kept seeing him read) and a hero who likes horror novels(as Mordred mentioned beck here- wow, what a role reversal.
And this quote-“Most other webcomics have a couple of ships. W&M has an armarda.” Lolz.
:] :D :lol: :lol2:


I just like that they’re all stashed under his bed, since he’s been known to read them out in public. XD That being said, his response was adorable, whether he actually meant it or not.
I like the hymn you picked… I’ve been thinking of recording some things, and that might be one of them. Hm…


i love it, he ignores lackey, than responds to the obnoxious, invisible, inaudible, floating orb of obnoxious.



Hey I’m curious to know if you’ve seen this:
cause i was looking up random yugioh pics and found this through google search….i even looked up that episode and thingie is they gave that character a girl’s voice even though it looks like a guy…little creepy…


I disagree, that looks like a girl. She just isn’t one of the hyper-feminized standard anime fanservice girls.


If it was Security that had showed up in an anime or any other medium of entertainment, I’ll bet no one here would have been surprised. He gets around.

Yours faithfully,


It is hilariously bemusing to know that Mordred stashes romance novels under his bed and has been reading them all along. XD I guess you never can tell what someone’s tastes are. I assume that Mordred has acquired quite an extensive education in making love by now. XD


Not quite, according to sources I trust they spend a lot more words and lines describing the clothing of the lust objects and the temporary-insanity of the emotionally affected characters involved. Apparently a surprising number of them published to this day avoid talking about sex at all.


I tried reading a romance novel once. I never made past the second chapter. It was like reading an overly wordy soft-pr0n Hallmark card.

Come to think of it, it’s a lot like most fanfics too…


On a side note… I own three romance novels all part of the Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts, they are romancy but not too cheesy and mostly about saving the world. Reminds me I should re-read them… :]


I read Twilight. I get the feeling that, since I hated Twilight, I would never like a real romance novel.

….Then again, maybe I would. Depends on how much SENSE it makes. XP (‘I watch you when you sleep. Isn’t that romantic?’ o_O )


trust me i’ve read some romance novels (they belonged to my nanny) and they definetely make a helluva lot more sense than Twilight (which i only read to see how long me and my friends can go without laughing)


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