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In It Together

oops! Sorry. XD It was done on time but forgot to post it.

My bad guys.

It’s up now, though.

Edit: Sunday’s WaM’ll be late. :D


This is either going to be my new favorite thing, or an unthinkable tragedy. Also, isn’t Mordred still standing right next to Lance? Choke slam him already man!


But Mordred is lazy. Besides that he does have Bliss right there at his beck and call.
I wonder what she would come up with if he told her to prepare the vegetables? A nice salad maybe?


Hey wait a second. Where the hell are Ben and Gen? I mean I assume that Gen is trying to flirt with Isabelle, but why didn’t Ben come with Azzie, Wiglaf, and Mordred?


It’s occurred to me that Azzy’s scarf is absurdly long.

I like it. It’s unusual, though, since it seems to be the same scarf he had as a kid, but not only does it fit him still, it’s even longer than when he was a kid. Grace, are you using some weird magic on his clothes to make his scarf grow…?


It kind of reminds me of the scarf that the main character in 666 Satan wore. It was also absurdly long, and this actually became a problem at one point. It will be interesting to see if Azzie’s scarf will also do this.


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