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Initiating a Loophole

Went to go see Disney’s Planes¬†instead of drawing WaM last night.

You probably don’t want me to say ‘Worth it,’ but I needed the break. XD

And the movie was cute. Had a lot of issues, but was cute & I found it funny.

But! Here we are~ Sunday’s WaM. :D Enjoy!


…..took me a moment to get it. His strength is increased to match his opponent’s, so if Wiglaf is the intended opponent, his strength is matched to Wiglaf rather than the plants.

Smart boy, Azzy. Smart boy.


Would’ve been great if Camlann had been there, because Camlann is one of the extremely few entities who is stronger than Wiglaf’s everyday strength.


He is currently tied up with his mouth sewn up in the basement of a cult group.

I kinda want to see him again though he maybe annoying but he doesn’t deserve that.


I want to see him again but without the monologues and death oath towards Wiglaf. I don’t see why he doesn’t just become a bigger hero and knock Wiglaf out of the spotlight.


…Camlann without the monologue? Is that possible? XD


Good point. About 65% of his character would be gone. All that would be left would be ego.


Huh. I just realized that this comic’s comment section is probably the most mature one I’ve ever seen. No trolls, grammar nazis, or people who want to start a fight, and everything becomes a discussion in which both sides are discussed in a polite manner, not with the opposing sides trying to shout each other down and calling whoever doesn’t agree with them retards.


Oh I apologize. I guess I forgot. Um…disparaging remark about your mother. Comments on your sexuality. Reference to rampant drug use and alcoholism. Degradation of the intelligence of the other commenters, their sexualities and heritage…uh, insults of cats and also references to sandwiches and outdated phrases I don’t actually understand but use anyways. Did I cover everything? Oh, wait, right. Yolo lol swag.

Yup that’s everything. Can’t have you guys going without the full internet experience.


And this shall be where I get into a heated argument about how all of those things are awesome, and how dare you dare to disparage any one of them..

Oh! And some remark about your mother, sister, grandmother. Possibly your pet dog. Maybe insulting your intelligence might help get my point across too.


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