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It Has A Leak, Too

Is it really Wednesday already? I swear, time is flying by. I know you hear it over and over but it’s so darn true.

Maybe it’s just been this past week. Lots of heavy stuff going on for the people around me and I think I’m just tired.

Either way, thanks for reading & commenting and the like. Usually puts a smile on my face. :)

(Oh, and head over to Tamuran if you get the chance- the comic’s not updating, but they’ve been posting some original pieces of music by Chezhnian for the comic that are really something to hear. Varony’s Theme is my favorite. :happy: )

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Nobody’s Home” by Avril Lavigne


Patch? That’s not a patch, it’s just “Hull reinforcement”. Yeah, that’s the ticket… :sly:


ya, it’s just reinforcing where there so happened to be a hole :sly: :P


Hole? That was no hole: that was just a tunnel the Road Runner painted on the side of the boat in order to escape.


Of course! And our heroes can certainly use the Road Runner’s painted tunnel to escape any danger as well! :)


but only wiglaf can use it cause hes the good guy like road runner and mordred is coyote he wont get through it wahhhhhhhhhh :*(


You know you might be a red-neck if you decided to repair a luxury cruise-liner you put a hole in yourself.

“It’s just like the fishin’ boat back home, right?”


haha, I like their matching expressions in the last panel. This should be interesting.

(Tamuran spoiler!(?): Varony and Nashua both have issues with boats, for completely different reasons. >.> At least poor Wiglaf is in good company…?)

(and thanks for the shout-out! ^^; )


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