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It Is Kinda Evil

The funniest part about all of this is I think Arthur is just rehashing what Sedrick wanted to do. Lol. Only he sounds heroic when he says it. XD

I made myself laugh.

I needed it. Lol. This next week is going to be so crazy. If I manage to update this comic at all I’ll call it a success. Wish me luck. Family arrives for a visit on Saturday and they’ll be here for the week. Until then…prepping. o-o

Edit: I ended up being sick all day Tuesday and I’ve still got chores and stuff to do. If I have free time tonight it’ll be dedicated to fun stuff (like fanfic and what not). Taking me time. But before Me-Time. Cleaning. o-o Gotta’ prepare and make up for lost time yesterday!


Actually, yeah, Arthur is just redirecting what Sedrick wanted to do. The real difference is that Sedrick wanted to do it to the general populace, and Arthur wants to do it to other villains. Now if the two of them could work together and do it to a ruling government or military, then everything works out. So let’s hope that Sedrick and Madame Garrott realise that they can succeed if they just point him at “villains” who actually officially lead countries to start with.


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