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It Is Still Raining

I am super tired still despite eating nearly half an entire bag of Twizzlers by myself. o_o

Sorry the strip is late. I hate half a bag of Twizzlers by myself and that might have driven me to hyper distraction. oops.

*pats Arthur* He has so many morals. He really should go hang out with Boudica in the “Good Guys” club. Lol.

Edit: D&D Night ran over by *looks at clock* two and a half hours. It is after 11:00pm. I’ve been up all day. I’m going to bed. XD (Session was awesome though. Lol. It ran long since tomorrow’s a holiday and we don’t have work. We had a Goblin War!!! And I came out of it with an Belt of Ogre Strength. :D So yes. No WaM today, but I will see you on Wednesday! :D


Ugh after a million years of not reading I finally got to the present day DX but seriously I’m sick right now and rereading and reading WAM has made it so much better. This comic as always is amazing XD


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