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It Is Suspicious.

Say hello to one expensive WaM comic…I finally had to bite the bullet and upgrade to the latest Photoshop plan. So yay for monthly subscriptions…

A power out knocked my computer off while I had my old copy of Photoshop open and apparently that was the kick it needed to stop working forever (it’s already a miracle I got it to work on the newest OS as is…), because every time I opened a file and clicked on it–it crashed. I tried disc repairs, deleting caches, changing the document, opening stuff in safe mode–you name it. It was dead.

So, I did what I’ve been putting off for years…updated. Lol.

On that note: Double thanks to everyone supporting me on Patreon. You are helping me pay for web hosting and fun things like art software so I can keep drawing WaM and doing live streams. :)

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