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It Literally Touched His Heart

I am very proud of that title. It’s like peak humor for me and I’m happy.

Also be proud I got this strip drawn. Today was an awful day at work and I crashed super hard when I got home. Thankfully Paper Mario: The Origami King was a good pick-me-up as I ¬†played for an hour (it’s so good!!!) and I had some things to ramble about on the drawing stream.

And this got done. Yay! :D

Edit: Enjoy this cleverness. Because that awful Wednesday turned into a bad Thursday and a ¬†very long Friday. Origami King is my only date tonight and I’ll see you guys on Sunday. o-o

Edit 2 (7/26/2020): I sat down to draw after D&D and I spent close to two hours on a single sketch and outlining it. I couldn’t think of anything witty to add over it and I’ve decided to let it sit until Wednesday. I’ll hopefully have added something to it by then. I’m not sure where my brain was tonight but it wasn’t with my comic and the strip deserves better. o-o I’m so sorry for no update and I’ll see you on Wednesday.


I do like the title.
And I have also been playing origami king, i never thought I would see some of these story themes in a Mario game! If I may ask how far have you gotten?


I just finished the Yellow Streamer and I’m about to start on the Purple! (Which is why there’s no WaM today. Lol.) The game is super fun and I’m enjoying the heck out of it.


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