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It Probably Is A Bad Time

Back with Arthur and Sedrick this week. You’ll just have to find out what happened with Brat, Wiglaf and Mordred in a week or two. :)

And Sedrick is still holding strong as my favorite character from the cast. It could be because he has the most common sense out of everyone. And he’s delightfully witty. That could be it, too.


Yay! First time poster and it’s on a great page!

I have to say that Sedrick is definitely my favorite too. It seems like he’s constantly smirking knowingly at those not as… smart?… sensible?… likely to get under Arthur’s pinstripe-y collar?… as he is.

Loving Arthur’s fingerless gloves too. Did he have those before? Now I have to go check! *runs off*


Yay! It’s in color!

Sedrick’s line came way out of left field. I’m reading this thing trying to figure out what the punch line is going to be and then WHAM! A love joke. Mmm, sarcasm.

Sedrick reminds me of you, Shorty.


Yay for color! Can we expect more randomly colored comics? ^_^

I’m not really sure how I feel about Sedrick… he definitely has the most common sense. That might not be saying much, though. XD


Yay for continuing comment beginning trends!

Sedrick seems to be a passing master of dead-pan delivery. And, aww, that’s sweet: Arthur’s going to let Janus think she’s won, for a while. >_< That’ll be a blow.

I’m picturing Arthur supporting himself on a huge, cherry-stained mahogany desk, out of panel. Or is he more one for one of those ultra-modern supervillain world-conqueror meeting tables?


I’d like to think Arthur has a cherry-stained meeting table. A combination of the two, maybe? I believe he just stopped in the hallway when I first wrote this page. XD


Ah. So Sedrick was following along at a discreet distance, like a good second-in-command/secretary. Makes sense. ^_^

The alternating background colors were nice, by the way. Definitely helped with visual tracking.


… Sedrick seems half as twisted a person as I am. He should be fun to watch. Arthur on the other hand, seems to be eternally weakened by this brother complex of his. Hmm…


“This would be a bad time to declare my undying love and affections for you then.”
XD XD XD XD Win Sedrick.


Sedrick, how did you get there? OH WAIT THAT’S ARTHUR. -intelligent- I only just realized that Mordred and Arthur Look Alike. Because they’re BROTHERS.

Of course, for the longest time I also assumed Wiglaf was female. And that was BEFORE I read the comic. I will continue reading and attempt to cease making stupid assumptions. It may not work.


If you think Arthur and Mordred look alike, wait till you meet Janus. She’s Arthur’s female clone(well, twin actually) but still, my point stands.


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