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It Really Never Works

The word ‘naughty’ is brought to you by my favorite episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog. I love Fred.

Moving on. Sedrick should really know better than to question these things. And Azrael seems to be in a bit of a bind. I wonder how he’ll get out of it!?

Who knows. Friday we’re back on the cruise~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Like A Prayer” by Madonna


Yes, especially with his profession. :happy:

I love Arthurs expression in the fifth pannel. It has a sort of…devious hint to it. :D


OMG!!! I lol’ed SO hard at this. I need to see Arthur as Suoh Tamaki and Sedrick as Ootori Kyouya now because they are acting EXACTLY like those two characters from Ouran High School Host Club!!! xDDDD

Mommy and Daddy win.


Thank you SO much for that image XD I’m imagining Mordred as Haruhi now >w> …Wiglaf can be Ranka XD

He should’ve just asked Arthur in the first place, silly boy!


Hahaha, you’re welcome. xD

I couldn’t help it, I love Kyouya and Tamaki, the way they interact is so funny and now Arthur and Sedrick remind me of them. xDDD

I nominate the Valkyrie Sisters to split the roles of Hikaru and Kaoru.


I think A slips out during out discussion. No need to have a fight.

Yeah, for going back to the boat.


Very funny how Arthur merrily reproaches Azrael for attempting to go over Sedrick’s head. I like how you showed Sedrick coming in the door behind Azrael. And Sedrick definitely should know better than to question Arthur’s role choices. XD Can’t wait to see the cruise.


I’ve read this for a long time ive reread it 5 times lol every time but this is my first time commenting but i just have to say, this does work but only when mom and dad are divorced thats how I got my first gun mom said no dad said yes.


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