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It slipped…

Corrected Swedish translation by Watch & Nirlem/Johnny Johansson. Thank-you!


As much as that particular endearment makes me laugh, this kind of scares me. He’s not going to call Mordred a “velsignet gave” next, is he?

Poor Wiglaf…. Poor Mordred… and someday, Brat will come into the mix, too…


ahaha, isn’t ‘käresta’ ‘dearest’ or somthing? *snickers* this comic is hilarious, by the way ^-^ i hope mordred figures out what that word means eventually


that sentence would be “dearest, to forgive I”. in correct swedish it should be written as “käraste, förlåt mig”. Even then it would sound off (noone says ‘käresta’ anymore, ‘älskling’ (darling) is more widely used).


In fact, “Käresta, förlåt mig” would be translated as “Dearest, forgive me”. :P “Käresta” is a fairly old word, and as Watch said “käraste” is more commonly used, or “älskling”. But it works in this :D :happy:


Oh man~! I love this :D I am sooo glad blondie has the hots for him. I love it when the webcomics I find turn out to be gay. (turnout as in without me looking them up)
*heart* :love:


That Swedish phrase makes me a happy little fangirl. I’m even happier that other commenters were nice enough to translate for those of us who have no knowledge of the language.


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