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It Takes A Lot To Scare Grace

We can’t forget Boss exists, now can we? ;D

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This is….good reasoning, actually. I can’t say what Boss would do if he knew about this, but it wouldn’t be pretty. Grace is, for once, acting in the best interests of the entire group by encouraging Azzie to break the stone. He’s afraid Boss is going to up and throw a violent temper tantrum all over everyone. Not an unreasonable assessment, either. Considering his response to the previous incident he appeared in.

Man, I like Grace. It’s curious how often he comes out on top as the smart one, in a way that concerns everyone. He sees the big picture, and shares it where it concerns others. Not denying that he’s a crazy serial killer, but for some reason, Grace has actually done enough to be counted at the top of the heroes’ list so far. (Explaining the cult and everything he could about it when Mordred was kidnapped gave him some mega brownie points.)Top five, at least.


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