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It Was a Traumatizing Time

So, this may need some explanation.

I was getting ready to watch WaM, and a random internet video popped up. A second in I went “Oh my gosh, it’s the 80′s.”

So then, my brother goes “That has to be in WaM. Right now.”

So I made it work.

I’m out.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Touch” by Stan Bush


title = very apt – I was a teenager in the ’80s. New Romantics – frilly shirts, leggings, warpaint… sigh…


New Romantics – I thought that looked vaguely familiar… I mean, past the whole “It looks like the 80′s.” I’m just glad neither of them have “BIG” hair or a side ponytail, or I’d still be on the ground! ;-)


…I’m guessing that, uh, Security didn’t have a very good time in the 80′s. It was very most likely a time he was grateful to leave behind. Unfortunately….the things we most want to stay dead never do.


Ha ha, loads of laughs at Security’s outrageous expression and body language. XD

That’s an…interesting idea Wiglaf had for attempting to cheer up Mordred. But it looks like Mordred won’t be cheered up unless he gets a better outfit. XD


What the…

What happened to Security in the 80s to make him act like THAT?!? S:(

Also, how do you chose an icon? I need to make panel four mine. MINE! :D


Dude (or lady)! Have you SEEN the 80s? Have you SEEN their idea of FASHION?! It’s like day-glo paint factory vomited all over the era!


I understand you Security.The 80′s were terrible.It’s okay though,it’s okay.Breathe,get some tea or candy or something.


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