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It Was Kinda Obvious

Mordred decided to hurry this along, and he is never, ever letting that joke die.


Thanks for reading, guys! :D


…. it is a given, but it astounds me again and again how Wiglaf can say things like ‘You’re going to make people think it’s true and then hows he going to find a date’
And it’s actually a caring and humble thing to say.
BEcause yes, people will think they won’t have a chance against him because he’s perfect, and so Azrael will indeed never find a date, but… but…
It would not be humble OR caring out of any other persons mouth.
And it makes me happy.
Thank you! <3


Haha, I didn’t read that far into it but now it’s even funnier!
Yeah only Wiglaf could say such a thing out of kindness, he’s amazing~


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