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It Was Probably Expensive, Too

When you’ve worked for the best its hard to work for less.

Dont’ worry Azrael! You’ll get a job. Somewhere. Or maybe you’ll wake up and realize the Valkyries would be more than happy to get their own jobs and let you freeload. *cough*

The sad part about this story is I realized something I want to do/story plot but I can’t get there yet because I have to finish out the one I started. Drat. XD

Ah well. *works on NaNo instead*

Oh dude; Robert Louis Stevenson had his 160th Birthday on the 13th. (Yay!! Google had up a Treasure Island image for the day – SQUEE)

Oh. And Ornaments. They’re here. And Awesome. You know you want one.

Song Listening Recommendation: ”Haunted” by Taylor Swift


You’re right i do happen to want one of those ornaments! (=^.^=) they are so awesome! Oh and Azzie undressing freaked my roommate out for a second when she saw it from acrossed the room….And Grace is right that shirt is kinda ugly…..what got broke?


I wonder. What COULD he do? Well, besides bounty hunting, and going for those “DEAD or maybe if you are so inclined, alive” bounties? Though I suspect he might be on that list. ;)


Social Worker? That’s a job I never thought of for him to have or have wanted to have.

Also, Azzie fanservice! :love:


yyyyeah being a hired sword with a penchant for killing is a no no in social work… he would be like that geico commercial with the drill seargent except stabby.


Poor Gen, the only break he seems to be getting are bones.

And Azzie would be an AWESOME social worker! He’d be able to get tons of stuff done! Nobody would dare not fill out forms correctly or not return his calls!


as if Gen needed broken bones on top of the multiple stab wounds. :( Has he been to the hospital yet? Because he should probably get those stitched or something.


maybe by now he’s learned to stitch up his wounds thanks to probably getting stabbed repeatedly by Azzie over the years…that and if he went to the hospital he might get arrested, ya know the whole theif thingie and all


true, but his profile does say “Now he just needs to pull off a successful job to pay off his medical bills.” So, I figure he’s gone to the hospital after Wiglaf beats him up… then again, knowing Wiglaf, he probably took Gen to the hospital himself…


of course, Wiglaf would do that


My question is, how high must his medical bills be that he has multiple insanely valuable paintings that he could auction off to the highest bidder and still can’t pay them off? Is it a pride thing?

Mabye he’s just stingy?


From Wikipedia:
Social work is a professional and academic discipline committed to the pursuit of social welfare and social change. The field works towards research and practice to improve the quality of life and to the development of the potential of each individual, group and community of a society. (me) With Az’s love of art I kinda get that but scary anyway. :shocked:


uh just noticing this…but anyone other than me realize we haven’t seen or heard from Brat since pg 172 (not including the pin-up of 272) and that was a loooong freakin’ time ago….(=~.~=)


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