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It Was Something Else

Driver needs to stop stealing the storyline. >_< She was supposed to pop in and out the jerk.

Anyway, um. I’m actually not sure what to talk about today. Kinda’ tired since I was running around all day. XD But my Mom did buy me a really pretty necklace as an early birthday present~ It’s shaped like a key and has little red stones on it. It’s got a little card theme going on with red hearts, dimond cut outs, a space accent and a little clover in the actual key part. So cute~

Oh hey. Found something to talk about. XD Awesome. I also test drove a Mustang today in the hunt for Roy II. Nicer ride than I thought~

Last but not least – someone listed ‘Ship Tease’ for WaM on its TVTropes page. I am amused.

I get a ridiculous amount of glee from seeing fans edit that stupid page or adding the cast to the individual trope pages. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Apocalypso” by Mew


Okay, aside from the greatness that the comic always exudes, getting the Mustang would be EPIC.


FMA for the win! :D


Well isn’t that a funny little coincidence :curious: =D


It’s not a total coincedence. XD I named my first car after FMA’s Roy Mustang in the first place.

Which is always funny b/c people went:

“But..that’s ….not a Mustang… [it's a Scion tC]”

“I know.”

“Then why did you?”

“Because it’s Roy.”

And there ya’ go. XD


Roy… Mustang… EPICWIN! :D

The last panel really makes me hug Mordred. And possibly give him a pair of noise blocking headphones.


I hope the Orb of Bliss makes it rain kittens.

That would be fairly entertaining, and could make for a fun supervillian sort of speach.

“Obey my commands, or I shall bring your destruction! Doom to your city! DOOM BY KITTENS!”

And I’m quite alright with Driver sticking around more! She and Wiglaf go well together.


Umm… Hasn’t it occurred to Mordred that Driver can STILL rat him out to Arthur of Janus without being there? And even MORE SO because not only is she mad but she also has no reason not to do it as she wouldn’t have to deal with any of the Garrott Family Circus Acts and could just watch? Just saying, here…


She can’t give Arthur play by play specifics. :P That’s a huge benefit right there.


I just imagined Driver following Wiglaf and Mordred dressed like a bush and narrating the events to Arthur over her cell phone.


Hmmm… the promise was no new characters for this arc, so we probably won’t get to see any scenes from Driver’s visit. That’s a shame– she’d look good chewing the walls in frantic frustration.

Liliy, you opened this arc with a focused look at Azrael and Grace. Does this mean the Orb of Bliss has something to do with Grace? Has the name “Orb of Bliss” actually been shortened from the name “Orb of Bliss-to-the-Bearer-of-the-Haunted-Sword”? Or is this Orb of Bliss actually something that has a mirror-image– oof. No, you didn’t. That Rabbit was a blatant hint, wasn’t it? Does this Orb have something to do with that line from Thomas Gray’s “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College”?

*Shakes a finger at Liliy.* You’re crafty.


Yes it’s related to Azrael and Grace~

No it’s not based off anything literature based or at least that Ode b/c I don’t recall ever reading it. XD And I still don’t know what rabbit people are talking about. >.>


Obviously Mordred is safer with Wiglaf than with Driver. How often do you find a bodyguard strong enough to lift boulders over his head? XD


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