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It’ll Hit Him In A Second

BOOM. We’ve got contact. And one of my favorite jokes in WaM so far. :D

I love Bliss. <3



Aside from another artifact, I’m honestly not sure what this little thing could be. A necromancers phylactery perhaps?


No other webcomic page has ever made me feel so scared for the main character, but also so very happy for all the cuteness at the same time!! :D Can’t wait to see where this is go ing…


revisiting this comic and rereading after a lomg time. forgot how much i adore your work and it makes me smile. well … “forgot”.. not really. it’s in my bookmarks. figured I’d revisit this silly pair.

its interesting that some stuff was revised iirc and I love it. Refreshing reread and love characters. And what I have finally been waiting for..

WIGLAF FINALLY SEES BLISS AND THEY TALK! OTHER PEOPLE SEE BLISS! woohooo! kyaa. finally!!! im interested in how the dynamic will be noe artifacts can talk to all the characters!

morded wiglaf cute as ever.
love comic to bits btw. idr if i commented way back when under diff alias.


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