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It’s a Respectable Game

*yawn* Blah blah blah drill.

Viola’s beatnik line is brought to you by the fact I’ve been watching too much Transformers Animated and Jazz’s Jive Speak is addictive.

Ludo is the UK version of the Indian Game Pachisi (Parcheesi to us States folk.)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Doomsday Clock” by Smashing Pumpkins


Crackpot Theory Time! :D

Viola is secretly a highly trained assasin working for Janus in her off time.
There are also unconfirmed reports that she uses a yo-yo for strangling targets.O_o

We have this story and more later this arc, only on WAM! :P


XD Love the ludo cover story Viola used. I’ll bet she’s actually a spy or a thief hired by Janus.

There are a lot of great expressions in this strip. I especially love Viola in panel 3 and Janus in panel 6.


The 3rd panel reminds me very much of a scene in Airplane <_<

Hey! I know you, you're Kareem Abdul-Jabaar! I'm sorry son, but you must have me confused with someone else.

Same sort of smug smile and everything, very fun ^_^


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