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It’s A Warning Shot

Which is why there’s only one arrow and not a barrage of them. :D

Man, been a while since I did a strip with just the two of them. XD It was harder than it should be – though I love that last panel. Mordred gets to look delightfully snarky. I kinda missed just the two of them hanging out. With all the side characters taking the spotlight it’s almost easy to forget this strip is called “The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred.” Ah well. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Cautionary Warning” by John Sykes (Black Heaven OP)


Hey, I like how you gave Wiglaf and Mordred a variety of different expressions in all the panels. The diversity in their expressions really makes their dialogue come alive.

Wiglaf effortlessly catching the arrow in panel 3 is a great one. And I agree, Mordred looks awesomely snide in the last panel. :cool: His grin and body language communicate craftiness and sarcasm. Mordred must be quite happy because he will get even more entertainment out of this trip than he expected, watching Wiglaf avoid assassination attempts.


Hmm. So Sigrdrifa is of the imperial school; allowing her enemy a chance to surrender with a shot across the bow means she has more ruth than I credited to her.

Hurrah for classic Wiglaf and Mordred! And nice continuity from the conversation in the previous strip. Like Blackford said, the focus on expressions conveys the emotions behind the remarks very well. It’s been a while since Mordred has been this evilly interested in something. How many months since he cut Wiglaf’s hair?


Ha ha, I was drawing from memory from when I took my Hunting Safety class. Along with rifles and shotguns, we covered bows and some of those things had some seriously nasty looking broadheads. Though, she doesn’t have her compound bow with her (which is why that bow has a feather end)…she is in a hotel lobby. XD


Very nice. I particularly like the arrow; still say that looks like a nasty broadhead to shoot from a recurve; a simpler one would’ve done the trick just as well. XD

And I see you turned on Identicons. :D


“You keep grinning like that and I’m going to make sure /you’re/ the one sleeping on the floor.”
with that line alone a small gaggle of fangirls just died of overload you realize this right?


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