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It’s All About Trust

Ha ha. I may have given up sleep to have this comic drawn by Thursday night so the fact I was swamped all weekend with ‘Being a Bridesmaid Wonders’ that WAM would get updated on time.

You can all praise me now. *waits for praise*

And for those of you waiting for Wiglaf and Mordred to return – seven strips baby! :D (well, six to wait through and they’ll be here on seven. :D). That’s not so long.

In the meantime, you can go vote for your favorite character over at Deviantart. :D As of writing this post (August 7th), Wiglaf, the Valkyries, and Security are holding strong at the lead.

And if you don’t use deviantart; you could always just post here who your fav is. I’m always curious. XD

And now…sleep. See you guys Wed.!


Sedrick sure is devious. I get the feeling he’s got conflicting thoughts about Arthur–liking him as a buddy but resenting him for his shortcomings as a leader.

Nice work, Liliy, especially on your tight schedule. Kudos!


Hang in there Liliy, the craziness is over soon.

Great work. :) Sedrick, you should take advantage of Arthur’s gullibility!


Almost forgot–I was going to name favorite characters. Security is definitely my favorite because he’s hilarious and multitalented. I like how he can fit into any situation and do a masterful job at whatever his mission is. He also has a great sense of humor.

Wiglaf runs a close second because he’s also quite entertaining. Like Security, he’s multitalented and has a keen sense of humor. Driver is my favorite female character because she’s extremely funny.

Liliy, all the characters you’ve created are very entertaining and well done! ^_^


Aww~! Sedrick! lying may be fun to do to the good guys, but doing it to your BFF will make you feel guilty! :(


Praise, praise, praise, praise. Is that good? Anyways, lying’s not as satisfying as you thought it would be Sedrick? It hardly ever is.


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