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It’s An Important Insert

Well, the Freddy-thon continues and I’ve now seen the 4th Elm Street movie. I think this one hit the nail for just the right amount of Freddy-talking. I enjoyed most of the movie and there was only one death that got me to squirm a bit.  So, yeah!

Um, I still love Hnæf and Sedrick? And Arthur’s bro-complex needs a leash, like seriously.

Oh, and it may or may not be my birthday. And I may or may not be turning 25 this last day of March~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Our Time Has Come” by James Ingram & Carnie Wilson


Happy birthday then Lilly! Or, ya know, unbirthday.

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday (still today where I am) so it’s all sorts of birthdays this month!

Also, oh yeah Arthur’s complex needs a leash. And a muzzle. Or maybe a strait jacket. *nod*


Dang, I could read that over and over again and never have that memorized. Hehe, I just love Hnæf and Sedrick too. That was funny, he really should give Mordred his space, or not, it’s amusing, poor Mordred though, then again he does tend to get a bit moody when people don’t pay attention to him. Mordred is just complicated I guess. :sly:

Ooh, do send a minion, who will it be? …It would be funny if it was Azrael…but even Arthur wouldn’t do that….right? Right? I could only imagine what trouble that would cause. Hm, who will it be if he does choose to do so. Which he likely will, because it’s Arthur, and it would be out of character if someone convinced him not to, wouldn’t it?


Oh, and congrats on the movie? Getting to part 4 I mean…I never got past pat…2…I think…actually I think I watched them out of order, not sure I ever watched part 1. But I don’t I watched part two…and another? Hm.

Oh, and Happy Birthday…or not…I didn’t quite catch onto that. It is the last day of the Month right? Yes, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My head hurts now. Why am I even awake still? I should be in bed now. :/ Guess I should get to that then, g’ night!


Happy birthday!! :B I hope you have an awesome one :D

Also, I love the fourth panel XD. So to-the-point :P


happy not-birthday =D
I’d tell you to make a wish but if you can make a wish on a not-birthday, than you can make a wish all but one day…


Happy Birthday Liliy!! Hope you have a great day. :D

Panel 4 rocks. Sedrick and Hnaef immediately chime in to point out Arthur’s irrationality and try to rein him in. The feathers around them really emphasize the two of them as the main dudes speaking in unison.

Arthur looks very funny clenching his teeth and trying to restrain himself. XD


Happy Birthday, and props for putting “Our Time has Come” from “Cats Don’t Dance” in the song-box! :cool:


Happy Birthday!

And I suppose, when you live in your parents mansion and spend their vast resources to build your empire without actually gaining much on your own, you live with certain rules. And I bet that Hnæf remembers quite vividly the nice display Mr. G put on not too long ago. =)

I hope the minion is Security. He’s easily worth TWO minions. Although Hnæf and Sedrick being sent off to spy on Mordred would be pretty hilarious. =)

Too many great options!


Happy Birthday, Liliy!!!!!!!! Best wishes to you, for a tremendous year!

(And excellent background and characterization work, here.)


Happy belated birthday! (Not an April Fool’s joke, I swear!)

I don’t know what I can say that hasn’t already been said. I seem to love each new page a little more than the last.


Happy Birthday Yesterday!

… I love Cats Don’t Dance. That is one of my favorite movies of all time. The music is so good, too! :love:

I like the penultimate panel. Arthur looks like he’s almost going to give in, but then- no. It’s very funny.


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