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It’s Cheaper In-House

Darkwing Duck was awesome. Heck. He’s still awesome.

This random tidbit was brought to you by I’m staying up too late coloring even though I had all day to do it because I lazed about doing nothing but watching Mummies Alive! and reading Darkwing Duck fanfiction.

I clearly have no life. Thank-you for reading and making it all worth it. XD

Oh, and the Pair-A-Thon has a week to go for you last minute entry people! See what’s submitted so far! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“A Professional Pirate” from Muppet Treasure Island


hehe. Hospital..whats next, a armory?


well of course… why wouldnt a castle full of evil supervillains and henchmen/women have an armory? thats like saying “what’s next? A giraffe?” in a zoo. Also, always put “an” before a word that begins with a vowel, not “a”.

From your grammatically stingy friend,


…. I love that movie. Tim Curry is wonderful, and the music is great fun <_<

Fun comic today, I really enjoy that Mordred has mastered the art of answering a question with a simple stare. Takes talent that!

And margaritas at the midnight buffet!


I actually need a little help translating Mordred’s flat stare. The best I could come up with was “He’s hired help; One does not fraternize with the hired help.” :raisebrow:


I can’t really tell what Mordred means, but based on Wiglaf’s smile, I predict bloodshed….
Maybe? :/


It doesn’t surprise me that they have a hospital so much that they are so busy that it’s less expensive to run one out of their home.

Then again, if today’s events are at all common place…


Haha, I just thought of what an insurance bill would look like for them.

Though I’m not saying they would be liable to have it or that it even exists given the time period, but still….


Even if it was now, we have this wonderful thing in the UK called free health care. Because, you know, it comes with the socialists rampaging around the streets of London randomly murdering babies. That’s what they tell you in the US, right? :P (Not that they’d use it, that’s for peasants)


Mordred is rubbing off on Wiglaf, see that evil looking little smirk in the last panel? XD These are hilarious!


I always thought Mordred meant “I don’t have friends,” or something or other. And Wiglaf is like: Right, he has a thing about admitting friendship.


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