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It’s Contagious


*curls up and sleeps*

Too busy *sniffling* over Anty from Honey I Shrunk the Kids to come up with a song.


It’s like they have some sort of, bad addiction to these things and they’re going through withdrawal.
Although, I think Mordred wouldn’t mind being separated so much. I mean, he DID toss Bliss out a window XD

I wonder if Wiglaf’s reconsidering thinking them being crazy. I mean, 3 people with talking objects is more than a coincidence.


Well, Grace already said the power was addicting though there could be more to it than that.
Though that would explain Mordred’s lack of addiction as well, as this is his first time really using Bliss.

As far as Wiglaf, he did already have to fight his own sword..


Huh. Wondered when Security and Hnoef would be back. It’s been a while since we saw them together. Watching. Eternally.


It it starting to dawn on Wiglaf that three people seeing spirits attached to magical artifacts is too much of a coincidence to be attributed to mere insanity. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

I love Hnaef and Security watching all the action from the monitor. XD


I love how Security seems to have a non-creepy affection for Hnaef.

I also love the border-obsessive possessiveness/ creepy affection-abuse the swords have for their owners. And how their competing their owners.


I saw the title and instantly thought of Contagious by Acceptance and how many times I listened to it that one day last summer while you were drawing. XD I still love that song and listen to it fairly frequently. Haha


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