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It’s Dark, Too


New Year. New Goal: Do something interesting with the strip aside from dialogue again. Lol. Today’s experiment? Color! :D

Now I just need to figure out what’s behind that door. Lol. I’m sure I will by next strip. XD

(Pro Tip: Comics are much harder to write on the fly than other forms of media like serial fiction…)

Edit: Friday was a long day. A coworker was upset and we were busier than normal. I spent the evening relaxing, but now it’s raining and all I want to do is sleep. I’m gonna call it a night and I’ll see you for sure on Sunday (speaking, wish me luck! I’m running the campaign and my Saturday will be finishing up writing the Adventure. :D)

Edit 2: Oh gosh. My Adventure ran so long but it was so much fun and I can’t wait to finish it up to share. Sadly it ran until well after 10:00 p.m. (It should have been a two-shot, we rushed the last hour over) and I have work. I’m sorry. T-T I’ll see you Wednesday with the rest.

And to answer Questions in a comment: Driver is still on the Payroll. Daddy Garrott is fine and still giving Mordred his allowance that he pays Driver with. Boudica has been a little forgotten but she’s still performing. XD

Edit 3: (1/8 – Dating this one because it’s three misses…) Okay. Here is the deal-i-o: We were short staffed all week because someone was out, we had a huge event today that I was mostly responsible for, I forgot that I had to work late today for said event (basically setting up & running a sales table from 5:30 to 7:30, which requires being social), and my brain is fried. Absolutely fried. As I said on Twitter, I’m going to watch something and knit because I can not think straight. If I stay awake past 10:00, it’ll be a miracle. Goodnight. There will absolutely be a strip on Friday. o-o



Is it candy?


It is a candy factory, so lots of slabs of stone, copper kettles, rotating drums and conveyor belts.

What could possibly go wrong in such a scenario?
Alien slave labour?
Mind altering ingredients?
Bugs working in the factory?
Bugs ARE the factory?
Vitamin K and other weird supplements?
Racks of milking mice?
People are their main ingredient?


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