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It’s Good For You

If I didn’t have a vision for exactly how I wanted this page to look, I guarantee it wouldn’t have happened. This took way too long for it’s own good.

Jeesh, last time I do a large group shot for a while. *stretch* Enjoy it everybody!!

And if you’re curious, Wiglaf is my favorite in this shot. I just really like how he turned out this time around – I think it’s his hips. They’re perfect. *glitter*


I think the more pressing question is: why is Security there? The world may never know.

Awesome job on this one, though. I love Driver in the back, and Mordred’s polite, enraged first line. I’m wondering though: why is there only one tent? XD


Security! He looks as cute and happy as always. And, as always, is being completely ignored.

Driver is biting her lip pretty hard if she’s bleeding. But who can blame her? There’s a Brat encroaching on her territory. It’s one thing when they’re back home, but now she has to worry about Mordred and Brat doing this and doing that out in the woods. Or in that one, gigantic yellow tent.

Yay! Camlann’s back!

Oh, and great job on this one. The coloring is to die for. :)


The color looks great. I like how you drew the orange-red lighting effect from the fire. The night sky with the stars also is well done.

Wiglaf and Security look real cheery and merry in this picture. We couldn’t count on Security to miss all the fun, could we? The cheerful expressions of Wiglaf, Security and Brat provide an amusing contrast with Mordred’s grumpiness and Driver’s wrathfulness.

Can’t wait to see what they all do next. Looks like Driver’s aching to start a brawl. Hope we see some more of Wiglaf’s heroics.


Wiglaf reminds me of Vash here. Same goofy “I’m sorry Wolfwood” grin on his face.

There shall be blood… I’m just not certain if it’ll be Driver killing Brat, Mordred killing Wiglaf, or the sword going after Security for some bizarre twist.


wait- how did security get back so fast? wasn’t he just with arthur? :) wow, forget superman- security is faster than arthur’s brother complex! :lol2:


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