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It’s Hard For Him To Admit

Poor Wiglaf. He’s not used to being this incompetent over things. Camlann messes with him. ;D


The way they treated him was quite despicable, actually, especially for a self-proclaimed “hero.” How would you feel if everyone shoved you aside everytime you had something to say? Especially if you had no way of defending yourself? It was like pushing a person in a wheelchair into a closet and locking them in.


While you’re not WRONG… I just can’t convince myself doing it to CAMLANN was wrong… like in some way, it was a just punishment for his ego.


Disliking someone for their ego doesn’t give a free pass for treating them horribly. So what, he talked a lot? So would anyone if that was the only way they could affect their environment. Camlann had all this power, but he couldn’t use any of it with his own free will, or even move an inch, so of course he would vent through his ONLY outlet, his voice. Would you put duct tape over the mouth of a paraplegic?


Twice, now, Wiglaf had admitted he may have made a mistake about Camlann (though he could have been being sarcastic earlier.) Wiglaf seems to be growing as a character.


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