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It’s More Like Pajamas

Oh, man. It’s been like years since I’ve done this. It almost feels nostalgic. XD

Long story short, I ended up starting drawing at like 11:50 and I have work tomorrow, so I didn’t want to skip again but I’m also not awake enough to finish tonight. o_o So I’m sharing the sketch in the meantime as a placeholder! This will be inked & colored sometime before Wednesday.

Thank you and I’ll see you then!

Edit: So, “Up before Wednesday” turned into straight up Wednesday’s update and I can blame that on being a ridiculous creature of habit. o-o But here it is in color and I really like how the lines of the oversized shirt turned out. Also I want one. It looks comfy. XD

Edit 2: I have no excuse for missing Friday’s WaM outside of “I was doing a thing and then it was midnight.” I just plain lost track of time. Oops. There will 100% be a strip on Sunday though, even if I have to blow off D&D. 0-o

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