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It’s Not Her Fault!

Ha ha. I love that first panel. <3 Poor Bliss. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Live to Rise” by Soundgarden

(Guess who has The Avengers? Me. :D *hugs ‘Avengers Assemble’ Soundtrack*)


To answer Malachi- perhaps when she was alive she was very good at tuning people out, or just oblivious to everything around her so when she got turned into an object that became translated as nulling powers.
Or t could be something else entirely.


My pet theory is that she suffered something really traumatic which made her repressive in life, and when she was turned she got the power to repress outwardly…


Bliss is adorable because she doesn’t want to hurt anybody and only wants to spread love and happiness for all. XD Her sad face is cute, and as always, her elegant Victorian wardrobe doesn’t hurt either.

Mordred’s determination to put the kibosh on the foe who hurt Driver is a nice touch too.


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